Saturday, February 7, 2009

Positive Thinking in Negative Times

Thoughts are things. When we focus on the negative we create more negativity in our lives. It is fact that negative is more powerful then positive. You may have noticed this in the news media. Part of the reason seems to be that it is human nature to want to know what might go wrong, just in case it does. Many people spend a large part of their lives focusing on “the news” or what passes for news today. It has been proven that when people spend large amounts of their time consuming the negativity of “the news” that they become more negative and depressed. What real purpose does this serve? Are people actually better prepared by hearing what might happen? Actually they are not and the negativity actually creates negative behaviors and by doing so brings the very things they feared in the first place into their lives.

When life seems to turn on us many people will cope by drinking, eating or smoking more. Obviously this creates even more problems in their live. I see this every day in my clients. It is exactly when they need to be more focused and healthy that they become less so. I help them using hypnosis and NLP by giving them back the power and control over their thinking and by doing so they gain more control in their lives.

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